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Granada Country Properties, part of the Another Way Of Life.com partnership, focuses on cortijos, country houses and village homes in the beautiful province of Granada.

The agency is managed by Alan Russell who works closely with Allan Hilder and the rest of the Another Way Of Life.com team. Alan has lived in the Montefrio area for more than eighteen years, has previously owned an estate agency and is committed to the high level of buyer and vendor service for which Another Way Of Life is known.

The sales and purchase process is rarely simple in the countryside. At the Another Way Of Life.com Partnership we have the experience and expertise to hold together the process and ensure that our buyers obtain the property they desire and that the seller achieves a fair price for their property, taking into account market conditions.

In the past five years there have been considerable changes in legislation affecting the sale of property in Andalucia. We at Granada Country Properties understand the impact of these changes, and work hard to manage the process obtaining whatever documentation is necessary and advising vendor clients whether action is necessary to rectify documentation prior to completion.

We aim to work to the highest professional standards and seek to build strong, lasting relationships with our clients, both buyers and sellers.

Honesty and transparency are central to our philosophy and approach.


Another Way Of Life.com works hard to ensure that the properties they are entrusted to market reach the widest possible audience. This is achieved, globally, not only through the Partnership’s websites but also through paid monthly subscriptions to around 20 property portals. In this way we are able to reach out to potential buyers in all corners of the world.


To our vendors, we promise to maximize exposure of their property, not only passively via our websites and portals but also actively through direct, and precisely targeted, email marketing backed by a highly sophisticated CRM (Customer Relations Management) system.

To our buyers, we don’t just promise to do our best to find their ‘dream’ property. By listening carefully to their needs we are able to recommend properties that are likely to best suit them even if this is not immediately apparent to the client.

We will not engage in estate agent’s tricks. We will not show you properties which we know will not be suitable just to make it seem to the seller that we are active on their behalf. Or to keep you occupied so that other agencies cannot be with you. Our time, like yours, is precious and we will not waste it.

A cornerstone of Another Way Of Life’s philosophy is that the agency works as a partner and honest broker for both seller and buyer. Experience has taught us the importance of ensuring that both parties involved in the transaction are equally happy with the outcome. Sellers expect us to highlight the advantages of their property and this, of course, we do but we do not exaggerate what a buyer will be able to do with a property once it is purchased. And after the purchase is finalized we are available to help buyers in whatever way they need without time limit.


In rural Andalucia, the vast majority of buyers are non‐Spanish, predominantly Northern Europeans. For both economic and cultural reasons, Spanish people prefer to live in towns. It is vitally important, therefore, that the estate agent speaks the language of the client and also understand their mentality.

This is difficult for Spanish agents. Thought processes and belief structures can be vastly different and misunderstandings very common. All of the Another Way Of Life.com partners speak English fluently, Spanish well, and some also speak French or Dutch also.


That both buyers and sellers emerge from a sale satisfied with the outcome and confident that we have done an excellent really good job in both bringing them together and successfully concluding what is not only a financial, but also an emotional, process.

We look forward to meeting you.

For more information please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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