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The Alpujarras


The province of Granada is a vast land encompassing fertile agricultural plains, the highest mountains in the Spanish peninsular, semi-tropical coastal areas, several different microclimates and some of the most spectacular scenery to be viewed anywhere.

Sun, sea, mountains, ski-ing, beaches, oranges and lemons, almonds, grapefruit, olives and avocados. A fantastic mix of topographies, cultures, peoples and climates.

Here we provide just a glimpse of some of the principal areas we cover.

The Poniente de Granada

MontefrioTo the West of Granada is a large agricultural area broken by several mountain ranges such as the Sierra de Loja, Sierra Tejeda, Sierra de Alhama and the Sierra Parapanda, stretching from Moclín in the East to Algarinejo in the West and South to Alhama de Granada. Although geographically well spread and culturally varied, it has been known collectively as the Poniente at least since the 16th Century.


Alhama de GranadaFamous for the production of high quality olive oil (it has its own denominación de origen), the area is also renowned for other produce such as the asparagus grown around Huetor Tajar and exported all over the world.

Principal towns and villages of the northern part of the Poniente, from East to West are: Moclin, Illora, Montefrio, Zagra & Algarinejo. In the centre Loja is the largest town but there are also other towns and villages such as Huetor Tajar, Salar, Villanueva Mesia and Moraleda de Zafayona. The Southern part of the Poniente is dominated by Alhama de Granada which is surrounded by smaller villages such as Santa Cruz de Comercio, Arenas del Rey, Zafarraya, Fornes, Jatar and Cacín.

LojaFor centuries the Poniente was frontier country between the armies of the Moors who controlled Al-Andalus and the Christian armies invading from the North and West.
The frontier was never fixed but in a constant state of flux depending on battles won and alliances made.


The Altiplano

CastrilLying to the North East of Granada is the Altiplano or High Plains, a less fertile area than the Poniente but an area blessed with spectacular scenery and very pretty towns and villages such as Castril, Orce and Castillejar.



OrceThe area is one of the oldest inhabited spaces in Europe with human remains dating back around 1 million years. There is an important museum in Orce explaining the archaeological importance of the area. The earliest settlers lived in caves which were easily hewn from the limestone. Still today many people live in cave houses though these are a far cry, in terms of creature comforts, from those experienced by early mankind!



NegratinLocated within the Altiplano is the Embalse de Negratin, a huge lake created some 30 years ago by damming the River Guadiana Menor. The lake offers spectacular scenery, fishing and bathing. It is also home to the only nudist beach in inland Andalucia.

Around the lake there are facilities for mountain biking, trekking and paragliding.

Costa Tropical

CazulasIn the mountains behind the coastal towns of Almuñecar and Salobreña there is an area with a sub-tropical micro climate known as the Costa Tropical. The mountainsides are steep and the views magnificent but due to being warm all year round here the almonds and olives give way to mangoes, avocados, custard apples and all manner of exotic citrus fruits.



JeteWithin easy reach of beaches, yet far away from the bustle of the coast, the area around Jete and Otivar is home to a number of foreign residents who admire the slow pace of life combined with ease of access to the variety of restaurants and activities available in towns such as Almuñecar

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